Isle of Skye (Scotland) / by Kenneth Kao

Taken on the drive around the Isle of Skye, I had to stop when I saw this. I doubt this is actually why it's called the Isle of Skye, but to me it was where the sky and the ocean merged into one--and thus, the name made sense.

The roads are filled with...sheep, everywhere, and most all of the roads are one lane. You have to pull to the side, back up, off-road in order to let the other car pass when you see them, and it happens so often that it's almost a way of saying "hi" to all the neighbors and residents of the area.

There are many magical locations around these Highlands. The people are extremely friendly, and it is easy to see why so many myths of fairies and magic originated here.

ISO 64, 28mm, f/5.0, 1/80s