Lantern Festival (Colorado) / by Kenneth Kao

This was taken at the Lantern Festival in Colorado. I loved the images I'd seen, online, of this event--especially in Asia, but there are always issues with fire hazards and Colorado was so much closer.

The idea is to write whatever you want on the paper lanterns: goodbyes, hopes and dreams, promises. Then you send it out.

It was beautiful, if disorganized, and there was a lot of fumbling and failed take-offs, but overall it was a beautiful experience. There were so many great shots. It's still hard to choose my favorite.

I think I like this one in particular because I think it captures through this young woman's expression, her feelings in such a simple way.

I've always been a fan of less posing, more candid expressions in photography. Moreso, it isn't always the child (can feel gimmicky), or the intense anger or despairt that deserves sharing--sometimes it's the moments between that matter the most.

ISO 1250, 28mm, 1.8, 1/160s