A Dancer's Form / by Kenneth Kao

I don't do many studio shoots. I don't really enjoy them. In fact--I rarely can find inspiration inside. I honestly have no clue how photographers can stay inside day after day, in the same studio, and be as creative as they are. I admire that.

Me, I'd rather figure out a difficult set up. Deal with the elements and explore/drag/lug around for the perfect angle and shot. It keeps me engaged with the environment, and I love the search--like something of a easter egg hunt where you are trying to see something that no one else can see.
That being said--sometimes, I do shoot indoors. When I saw it, I knew that we had the shot. Marlo is an amazing mover, and this shape says it all.

I'm so glad this one became quite popular. That being said, ask me to shoot indoors only if you have an epic idea that can't/shouldn't/couldn't work outdoors.  ;  )

Model: Marlo Fisken of Flow Movement

35mm, ISO 64, f/9, 1/250

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