Abandoned in Colorado / by Kenneth Kao

When people ask me about where they should start with their (usually brand new) camera, it's always a difficult question to answer.

But to me, the most important piece--even more than getting all the settings right--is perspective and angles, framing, and the right moments.

So much of our opinions are based on how things are presented. A wonderful photography experiment went viral, recently, where 6 photographers were given different backstories to the same man. The way each photographer saw their subject--as an ex-con, as a psychic, as a millionaire--changed the way the images came out, drastically. Each totally showed the subject in a different light. This video truly showed the photographer's hand in their images. You should watch it here if you haven't seen it yet: http://www.wimp.com/6-photographers-find-6-different-ways-to-shoot-the-same-man/

As for me, I love powerful women. I love presenting women not only as beautiful, but also as confident and strong in their own right. I like showing this side to them that, unfortunately, isn't seen or appreciated enough.

When I look at this image of @amanda rose ivy, I am so motivated to make myself stronger, inside and out.

ISO 64, 20mm, f5.0, 1/100s

Oh, and nothing against angles that aren't as evokative of power. Before every shoot, I do try to ask my subjects what they would like to express. I want to know what emotion they want you, the observer to feel. And then I build my images based on whatever we both create during the shoot.

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