Dani in Wonderland... / by Kenneth Kao

Today's photo of the day is perhaps my favorite photo of all time. Not because the technique or lighting was the best, but because I love character, and storytelling. This location we found, and the way Danielle Romano expressed the dreamlike sensations of being lost, and finding light--it shook me to the core.

I love images that are beautiful and magical. I love when people ask me, "What planet is this from? Is this real?" But I want even more from my images. I want the model to inspire just as many questions from the viewer, "What is she feeling? What does this image mean? What's the history of the model?" The perfect balance between the two, where the location and the model both begs for answers, is to me the most powerful of images.

I hope to create many more like this in the future.

ISO 125, 1/40th, 20mm, f2.8