Norway (July 2015) / by Kenneth Kao

Taken July 7th, 2015:
This won me a finalist badge in the international photography contest: "Travel photographer of the year, 2015". "A moment in light" category.

I took this in Norway, on the way to Bergen, from the Fjords--around a 5 hour bus ride.

This is one of my favorite images. It is not photoshop, not a composite. It is a single shot taken over 3 seconds.

It was taken after we'd entered a tunnel and escaped some sprinkling rain, and we are exiting the tunnel as the shutter is open. That is why it looks brighter in the distance, and you can see the streak of tunnel lights above. The road happened to be perfectly straight, and the driver perfectly still, and the bumps, relatively minor, for the open shutter to collect such unblurred image inside the bus.

I'm sitting right behind the bus driver, and I must've spent the entire trip trying to time this shot just right.
I love the video-game feel of it.

A photograph may be seen in just a second, but sometimes we can capture TIME in that second, and I love that about photography.

ISO 64, 28mm, F/14, 3 sec exposure, Variable ND filter.